Experiences Provided:

Are you Canna-Curious? When you think of Cannabis do you think of stoners, potheads, and hippies? Oh my!
Please, elevate your mindset. Cannabis is a diverse plant that has various benefits from root to tip. What is your intention when using Cannabis? What health and lifestyle goals can Cannabis help YOU reach?


25 min. Introduction to Happy Healthy High Consultation

Are you Canna-Experienced? Canna-novice or Canna-get an I don’t know?
Whatever your experience level, let’s discover where you want your Cannabis experience to take YOU! Or are you looking for other ways to access your EcS without cannabis? Let’s chat and see which experience would be best for you.
The consultation will be discounted from the experience you choose to sign up for.


2 Hour Activate Health & Lifestyle with Cannabis

Can Cannabis really help me reach my health goals? Can I lose weight with Cannabis? Can I truly relieve my pain?
What products should I use?  I don’t want to smoke but I had a bad experience with edibles once.  What do I do?  Do you find yourself asking these questions?

During this experience, we will discuss how to incorporate Cannabis into your Health and Lifestyle. What products would you benefit the most from? Which Cannabinoids would help you optimize your health?  We will also discuss the benefits of food and intentional movement to support your unique body as you tone your system to reap the most benefits from your Cannabis.


2 Hour Find your Happy & Healthy Lifestyle (Non-Cannabis)

Do you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or sleepless nights, but do not want to use cannabis? Is there any other natural remedies that I could take advantage of without cannabis?

This is for those who are interested in optimizing their health using whole foods and herbal remedies that are not cannabis.  There are ways to still engage our endocannabinoid system (EcS) without the use of cannabis.  What is the EcS? We discuss the benefits of food and particular herbs that help with pain relief, anxiety and insomnia.  We will develop a food plan and customize an herbal blend to help you find your Happy and Healthy Balance.