About Jackie Bee

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a stay at home mom, live freely in the country with my beautiful husband and children. But as an adolescent I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I would have 3 surgeries before the age of 19 with the outlook that I would have a hard time having children and likely to have a hysterectomy by 24…

I was fortunate to meet the love of my life and build a family. We are blessed with 3 daughters. I was able to stay at home and raise my girls. While it may have looked like I had achieved everything I always wanted, I was suffering in silence. I have never been a fan of relying on foreign substances to get out of bed in the morning. I was fortunate to have parents who tried to supplement my health with natural remedies. But due to my illness, I was controlled by chronic pain and anxiety and the medications that promised results but not relief. Living with a lifetime of illness, I always had to take the pill to get up and move forward.

Because of my upbringing, I developed at a young age a respect for the healing properties of plants. As a stay at home mom, I tried to instill the same respect for natural remedies and whole food. I raised my girls in the kitchen making as much as we could from scratch.
As I look back at this time now, I see the pills and remedies in my memories and I cry at how much I tried to heal but would never find true relief until I had my first experience with Cannabis.

Marijuana specifically, I was in so much pain and then I wasn’t and I slept and I woke up and I could get out of bed without the pill…it was earth shattering! That started a journey of over a decade uncovering the healing properties of Cannabis, in all her forms, whether it be Marijuana or Hemp based, it’s Cannabis! I am able to walk through the world now only ingesting whole foods and whole plants to nourish my body and promote natural healing from within.
I’m excited to move forward into this next chapter of my life teaching others how to overcome various challenges with the healing properties of Cannabis.

Jackie Bee