What is a Cannabis Health & Lifestyle Educator?

Cannabis Health & Lifestyle Educator

First things first, I do not sell Cannabis. My main focus is on YOU and helping you navigate your endocannabinoid system. There’s that eCs again, yep … The most extensive neurotransmitter system in your body! Pause, read that again, and think about it. These cannabinoid receptors are present on almost every cell! They regulate our […]

Biohacking and Cannabis

  Welcome to September! The month of change.  The sun is setting early.  The colors are turning orange and amber. The butterflies and hummingbirds are beginning their migration south. Summer is officially winding down. As we shift into this season with new yet possibly familiar, maybe unfamiliar routines, it’s important to keep caring for our […]

Why Cannabis?

Why Cannabis

Why not Cbd or Hemp or even Marijuana? I want you to get used to saying CANNABIS. Political and Social agendas have stigmatized this God-given plant. I am here to help remove the stigma and promote the benefits of CANNABIS. So say it with me: “Cannabis! Hemp is … Cannabis. CBD is … Cannabis. THC […]